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Hydraulic Breaker South Africa Malleo Equipment

Malleo Equipment’s primary product range is quality and competitively priced hydraulic hammers that are productive, robust and easy to maintain and are specicially designed to withstand high impacts.

Our hydraulic hammers are used in various industries such as mining & quarrying, demolition & renovation, construction and metallurgy to provide your company with the best solution.



Silenced Type -Specifications
Hydraulic Breaker Specs (SD 70S - SD 200S)
Hydraulic Breaker Specs (SD 200VS - SD 800S)


Here at Malleo Equipment we pride ourselves on offering top-quality Hydraulic Hammer accessories that are strong, durable and effective!

We provide a powerful Hydraulic hammer solution for total confidence! Malleo Equipment aims to provide your company with minimised downtime, maximised productivity and reduced cost of ownership as a priority. Here the accessories advantages you can expect when purchasing a Malleo Equipment hydraulic hammer:

Accessories Advantages

Auto lubrication system

  • Automatic lubrication system is designed to ensure a long, trouble-free life specifically for hydraulic hammers.
  • The unit is installed to the hammer’s housing with a mounting plate and no external electrical cables or hydraulic hoses are needed.

Auto shut-off system

  • The hammer stops hammering itself to prevent a damage caused by blank hammering.


  • SD 160, SD 200V, SD 220 is an option.
  • SD 300 and above is basically equipped.

Blow rate control system

  • Two modes are available. BR mode is suitable for soft, nonabrasive rock and especially concrete. IE mode is suitable for hard and abrasive rock.


Malleo Equipment hydraulic hammers have the right solution for your Backhoe Loader and Skid Steer Loader. Should you be looking for the right hydraulic hammer attachment for either of these please make contact with our Malleo Equipment sales team and they will endeavor to assist in any way possible because here at Malleo Equipment we pride ourselves on providing our clients with not only top-quality products but top-quality service as well.

Description Unit SD 30-SL SD 30S-SL SD 40-SL SD 40S-SL
Operating Weight kg 175 217 223 260
Tool Diameter mm 53 53 60 60
Description Unit SD 50-BH SD 50S-BH SD 70-BH SD 70S-BH
Operating Weight kg 272 304 384 405
Tool Diameter mm 68 68 75 75


To find out which Malleo Equipment hydraulic hammer will provide your company with the best solution, please look through the application fields below to guide your choices. Please do not hesitate to call our Malleo Equipment sales team to discuss the various possibilities.

Mining & Quarrying SD 10S – SD 70S SD 100S – SD 220S SD 300S – SD 800S
Preliminary work Over burden removal Optional Optional Suitable
Bench, road and ramp leveling Optional Optional Suitable
Roof, face and rib scaling Optional Optional Suitable
Secondary breaking Boulder reduction in rock piles Suitable Optional Optional
Removing blockages at crushing system Suitable Optional Optional
Primary breaking Selective rock breaking Unsuitable Suitable Optional
Blast-free mining Unsuitable Suitable Optional
Demolition & Renovation SD 10S – SD 70S SD 100S – SD 220S SD 300S – SD 800S
Masonry structures Brickwork Optional Suitable Unsuitable
Natural stone Optional Suitable Unsuitable
Autoclaved aerated concrete Optional Suitable Unsuitable
Concrete structures Lightweight concrete Optional Optional Suitable
Standard concrete Optional Optional Suitable
Heavyweight concrete Unsuitable Suitable Optional
Composite steel & concrete structures Steel-reinforced concrete Suitable Optional Optional
Prestressed concrete Suitable Optional Optional
Fibre-reinforced concrete Suitable Optional Optional
Pavements Asphalt Optional Optional Optional
Concrete Optional Optional Optional
Composite surfaces Optional Optional Optional
Construction SD 10S – SD 70S SD 100S – SD 220S SD 300S – SD 800S
Earthworks Tenching Suitable Optional Optional
Pit building Suitable Optional Optional
Ground excavation Suitable Optional Optional
Tunneling Tunnel driving Suitable Optional Optional
Roof, face & rib scaling Suitable Optional Optional
Floor leveling Suitable Optional Optional
Dredging Canal deepening & extension Suitable Suitable Optional
Rock deepening & extension Suitable Suitable Optional
Gardening & Landscaping Fencing Optional Suitable Unsuitable
Ground excavating Optional Suitable Unsuitable
Rock breaking Optional Suitable Unsuitable
Foundation works Ground levelling Unsuitable Suitable Optional
Building construction Foundation pile driving Unsuitable Suitable Optional
Metallurgical Industry SD 10S – SD 70S SD 100S – SD 220S SD 300S – SD 800S
Stag recycling Boulder reduction in slag heap Suitable Optional Optional
Removing blockages at crushing system Suitable Optional Optional
Cleaning & debricking Ladies Optional Suitable Unsuitable
Converter mouths Optional Suitable Unsuitable
Kilns Optional Suitable Unsuitable

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